Should You Eat Protein Bars Before or After Workout?

Some people may say you need to eat a protein bar before your workout to strengthen your muscles, while others, says eating protein does not matter; however, eating after matters. Others still believe it is not necessary to eat proteins either before or after workouts; however, they consider eating enough protein.

Science is not, however, clear on this fact since different people have diverse perspectives that bolster their arguments.

Are you left wondering? Or should you play it safe and eat protein before or after workout? Or ignore everybody and go what you think is right. Well, in this article we will discuss into details on whether to eat a protein bar before or after a workout.

Yes, you should consume protein bar before your workout, because it is beneficial for sustained energy, increased muscle performance, muscle, and muscle growth. However here are the things to consider before eating the protein bar

Things to Consider

It is essential to consider some aspects before reaching for the protein bar before your workout. Reading the nutrition label is also crucial to get the facts on what you are putting your body into, how much of it, and how it might your affect what you are trying to achieve.

1. Your Body Fuel

Carbohydrates are among the preferred sources of fuel and energy. Therefore you need to check the nutrition label to ascertain whether your protein bar provides you with the carbs you need to fuel your workout. In case you are preparing for more extended training, you need to pick a bar that has high carbohydrates contents. More carbs sustain energy for more extended periods. You need to consume the carbohydrates 2 hours before your training to ensure your body has enough time to process the nutrients and fuel into your routine. In this way, your blood sugar and glycogen are optimized and ready to go.

Muscle Building Blocks

Proteins are essential in building muscles blocks. It is, therefore, necessary to consider what type of protein you are getting in your protein bar. Let us look at the universal protein types available.

Types of Universal Proteins

  1. Whey Isolates-they are quickly absorbed by the body; this makes them perfect for bodybuilding for people trying to build muscles on their workouts since they yield a high percentage of pure protein.
  2. Whey Concentrate-this is the most common form of protein in protein bars as well as supplements. It is essential in muscle building and muscle recovery while working out you get to burn more calories. This type of protein does not, however, does not yield a high percentage of pure protein. Hence they are lowly priced as compared to whey isolates. However, you will gain similar benefits of consuming the concentrates in high quantities.
  3. Hydrolysate Protein-this has the highest protein quality on the market. It is predigested for maximal speed for easy absorption. In this way, it is easy to digest and feed the muscles with instant nutrients. Therefore it is the best option for your routine before a workout.
  4. Casein Protein- it is digested slowly, however beneficial if you want to stay full for a more extended period. It is, therefore, a good protein option before a workout since it slowly feeds your muscles over time. If you are planning for a long cardio workout training, this is your best option. Casein has high glutamine that helps your body recover fast and also boost your immune system.
  5. Soy protein -This s protein source for vegetarians since it is loaded with amino acids and glutamine and due to this it becomes the obvious choice if you are on a plant-based diet and you are trying to fuel your workout
  6. Milk protein Isolates- they are loaded with amino acids and contain both whey and casein proteins that are mostly found on protein blends
  7. Egg Albumin- this was a common protein source before the existence of protein powders. It is rich in amino acids and is also used in many protein blends as well as a replacement product for other meals


Calories are units of energy, and they are essential if you need to keep your body on the motion. If a short workout is part of your agenda, choose a protein bar that has lower calories. However, if you are trying to fuel for more extended training, it is essential that you pick a bar that has high-calorie content to ensure you remain energized and sustained in your entire workout.


In a nutshell, it is essential to consume a protein bar before your workout. However, you need to check the nutrition label to ensure you are fueling your body with the right protein bar that fits the work out that you are trying to achieve. Therefore you need to take your protein bar and to start a training routine.

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