Rowing Machines vs Exercise Bikes Which Is the Best

Exercise and rowing bikes provide a low impact and no weight bearing cardiovascular workouts. The bikes, however, have most effective tools; hence, it is not easy to wrong with one. Nevertheless, each person has different needs. Therefore there are several factors that you should consider when choosing between rowing and exercise bikes.

In general, the rowing machine strengthens the upper muscles of the body while exercise bikes are essential in improving the lower body muscles.

In this article, Cafe Eugene will compare the bikes, in each section we will try to explain the usability of each bike so that at the end of the item you will be able to decide which bikes suit your needs.

Comparison between Rowing and Exercise Bikes

Calories Burned

When burning calories, exercise bikes are the best; you can burn more than 600 calories in less than an hour. As a result of the motorcycle, forces to engage the lower muscle while moving at a constant speed as compared to rowing bike. On the other hand rowing machine provides a good work out; however; it does not burn calories as much as exercise bikes. Averagely with rowing bike you are likely to burn 400 calories in an hour. Due to this, the exercise bike is more essential in burning calories in a short time

Muscles Used

The rowing machines are proven to enhance the muscles in your quadriceps, anterior and posterior as well as hamstrings, unlike exercise bikes. The main flaw of the exercise bike is that it only works on the lower body. However, this may be great for some people at the same time; it can be a problem for people who want a complete workout. Ultimately, rowing machines uses almost every muscle in your body thus giving you an entire exercise. In this rowing machine are the best for muscles development

Exercise Programs

Exercise bikes have continued exercising routine; for instance, they feature a new setting that allows you to carry out stamina training, HIIT interval exercises, and strength training. Therefore due to this, exercise bikes have a versatile range of activities as compared to rowing bikes. The rowing bikes have limitations on exercise programs. Even though you can complete your workout with rowing bike, it, however, lacks exercise customization, and this makes exercise bikes better for exercise programs if you want a complete workout.

Advantages and disadvantages Exercise Bikes


  • Exercise machines are great for those who love cycling indoors. They are therefore essential for indoor because of their quietness and good for starters for cardio exercises.
  • Exercise bikes are suitable for people who ventures into cardio training but does not want to  stress the muscles as well as joints while training.


  • Exercise bikes do not include the entire body workout
  • They burn fewer calories as compared to rowing.
  • They depend on electricity to work, which is not the case with rowing.

Advantages and disadvantages Rowing Bikes


  • Rowing machines burn more calories than exercise bikes because they offer an entire body workout. They involve whole body muscles groups while easy on joints.
  •   Rowing bikes do not require electricity to run; this means that you cannot be affected by blackout while in your workout
  • Rowing machines give a great workout since it works towards strengthening your muscles. The body movement on the lower and upper ensures a tougher body overall
  •  Even though the rowing bike offers a challenging workout, they are relatively friendly on the joint as compared to exercise bikes. They are also minimal risks of getting injured during the exercise that can be encountered on stationary bikes.


Rowing machines are quite good, but you can easily strain your back if you do not maintain a straight rowing posture. Therefore you need to keep a good form when using rowing bike to prevent any injury while working out.

Final Verdict

It is a personal preference to choose the kind of bike that you want to use for your workout programs. The bikes, however, share some features such as more accessible storage and they also come in with different prices. They both offer cardiovascular workouts and they can be used in any weather since you exercise indoors.

Whichever choice you make, it is essential to stick to your exercise routine and maximize the bike that you choose. Ultimately, it is essential to incorporate bike bikes into your daily routine to ensure you engage each muscle of your body effectively. Both bikes will help you burn calories and keep your shape while maintaining your cardio health.

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